Vince Kramer



Vince Kramer is the author of Gigantic Death Worm, Death Machines of Death, and Deadly Lazer Explodathon. He has been published by Eraserhead Press and Thicke and Vaney Books. He has a short story, Jessica Tandy: Skeleton Detective, featured in the ninth issue of The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction. He has an upcoming short story in Bradley Sands’ How to Win at Ultravision anthology on how to beat the fiction Accidental Tourist video game. He has another full length novel with the working title “Hell of Death” already completed, and is currently writing his fifth novel.

An avid action figure collector, Vince Kramer also shoots photographs of Action Figures F*cking, and creates a yearly calendar of his work. Yes, this is actually a thing, and quite popular in the collecting and geek communities. You can see his work on his Tumblr @

Calendars are available for purchase each fall on his wordpress page @

Vince Kramer was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and spent the latter part of his youth in Fountain Hills, Arizona. A recent Portland, Oregon transplant, he moved to pursue a writing career and be closer to childhood friends. A member of the Portland Bizarro scene, Vince Kramer can sometimes be seen doing readings, promoting Bizarro, and sharing his art.

Vince Kramer also likes books, comics, horror movies, death metal, ’80s new wave, and comedy, especially those with dark humor or slapstick. His biggest influences are the writing and humor of Trey Parker & Matt Stone, the Zucker Brothers, and Carlton Mellick III.

He lives with an adult green iguana named Desmond Harrington and his best friend, and he thinks it’s weird he had to write this entire biography in third person.


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